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Lazy Three Bar Ranch’s story started many years before the ranch did. It all begin with a mom and daughter with a passion for animals. What was once their hobby was turned into a business, offering the public access to high quality foals, stud services, and training. Their first foal, a mule was born in 2008. Both Angelica and Adrianne went through Treasure Valley Community Colleges Horse Production and Training Program under Wade Black in 2014-2016 to add to their knowledge (Wade Black is a phenomenal horseman but recently his skills were shown to the public being the 2019 Road to the Horse Wild Card Champion). They have established their own training style over the years, however they cater to every animals individual needs as they strongly believe one size does not fit all.

In 2017 Angelica received a kidney transplant, this has been one of the biggest blessings to allow this duo to continue doing what we love. There have been a few health related ups and downs but she is back to doing everything she was doing prior to kidney failure plus more!

Adrianne is a large animal vet tech and Angelica manages Lazy Three Bar Ranch’s social media, website, and clients. The two of them together care for their herd, train, and breed.