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B R E E D I N G    P R O G R A M

Our breeding program is based on the goal of producing horses and mules of quality. To us quality is an animal that has good conformation for it's individual breed and intended purpose, a sturdy build, and good solid feet. With good conformation comes athletic ability. animals that can maneuver themselves quickly, efficiently, and smoothly when asked to or out on their own.


An intelligent animal, one that even with a lack of training will easily think through problems, not over react, gentle easily, never mean, and pick up on new concepts and ideas quickly "ease of training".


As we strive to produce animals with the above qualities "color" is not a priority or a deciding factor however we are blessed with some amazing animals that check all the boxes while also producing "color".

Our strive for producing quality doesn't end in physical and mental attributes. We handle each and everyone of our foals starting the day they are born. We want them friendly, trusting, and respectful. We want each one to have a solid foundation including haltering, leading, backing, stand tied, pick up their feet, and trailer.

Our foals are dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 months of age, preventing them from ever getting a large worm load as a foal. They look better, grow better, and are healthier. We also vaccinate with a 5 way prior to them leaving to their new home at weaning. Giving them the best start at life with preventative care.

If you have any questions about our breeding program or how we raise our foals just let us know! we are more then happy to answer any questions we can.

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