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O R M E   H O R S E   T R A I N I N G
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Training is one of the quality services we offer. Our specialty is colt starting and problem equines. Give our training Facebook page a like & share! We post pictures and videos of our client animals as well as our own that we work with. Vlog posts, sales animals, and soon to be short how to training videos. Let us know what you'd like to see more of!

Our goal is to produce equine that are willing partners with a solid foundation of maneuvers for success in any job that is asked of them. We like to start building a trusting, respectful relationship from the time they are young as we feel it produces a more solid foundation of the fundamentals that every horse should have. We offer several options for both ground work and undersaddle work that can be customized to fit both your horses individual needs as well as your budget.

Our training is a combination of trainers such as the following Rey Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Martin Black, Denise Reis, Warwick Schiller, Clinton Anderson, Wade Black any many others. Both Angelica and Adrianne spent two years at TVCC in their horse production and training program learning under Wade Black. They continue to expand their knowledge and education by talking to other trainers, watching other trainers and videos as well as attending clinics.