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S A L E S - C O N S I G N M E N T S


Looking to sell your horse, mule or donkey? Don't have the time or connections? Let us do the work for you!

Consigning your equine with us is easy and you don't have to pay us until your animal is sold. Owners cover cost for all of their animals basic care and needs as usual. This includes, board, grain, farrier care, vet care and any training.

Consigning an animal with us includes:

  • 1 Day evaluation - so we can best describe your animal to potential buyers.

  • Full bath and grooming (prep for sale photos and video)

  • Quality photos for marketing (minimum of 8)

  • 1 Quality sale video

  • 1 Custom sales flyer

  • Marketing in different platforms (facebook, our website, and other equine sales websites and apps)

While your horse, mule, or donkey is in our care we will prep them to look their best for potential buyers. All of this is included in your consignment for just 10-15% of the sale price of your animal. Depending on the animal it takes approx. 6 days to evaluate, groom/prep, take pictures and videos, make sale flyer, and get them actively listed for sale.

NOTE: We will not consign horses we feel are unsafe on the ground or undersaddle. Preexisting conditions are okay if noted and advertised as such. Animals that come with a body condition of 4/9 or under will be placed on a weight gain plan in which they will not be available until they are at least a 4.5/9

We offer discounted training whether legging up, tune up or continuing their education while on consignment with us!

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